How iT works?

Services are tailored to a client's specific needs to improve cash flow and increase the overall bottom line.  Apple A Day (AAD) services operate on a Risk-Sharing model.  Risk-Sharing means we only make money if you make money.  Client success = AAD success.  Most importantly providing quality customer service to our clients and patients go hand-in-hand.

Full practice management system provides access for appointment scheduling, record keeping and historical data.  We provide secure encrypted access to patient records with daily backup.  The electronic medical records package enables us to communicate effectively with your staff and third party payers.  

Courier service collects medical records, reports, routing slips, superbills and/or payments for quick processing. Specific patient information is verified including insurance and entered into the practice management software for processing and posting.  Appropriate medical coding of claims authorizes reimbursement to providers to receive the correct and maximum reimbursement for services rendered. 

AAD verifies and assigns proper ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT and/or HCPCS codes derived from the medical reports from your practice.  Our process includes keeping track of medical claims, making sure payments are collected and addressing denied claims.  Any denied claims are immediately researched, corrected and refiled. Most importantly staff is updated to alert changes in payer requirements.

All charges, deposits and claims are balanced daily to ensure accuracy.

Direct communication guarantees priorities are understood, issues addressed and a steady workflow.  



AAD services include but not limited to full practice management software system access, claims processing, payment posting, complete claim follow-up and staff training.

Whether you require a complete billing service from start to finish or just need interim staffing our experienced team is available to help. 


Services are tailored and will vary based on the practice needs to maximize reimbursements. 
AAD first determines what type of services are needed then pairing with practice's important goals.

Tailored services and personalized workflow are implemented by partnering with the practice.  On the job and one-on-one training is provided to ensure a seamless transition.

Apple A Day becomes an extension of your practice, patients and payors.