1) Apple Billing performs medical insurance filing and billing more effectively and efficiently than in-house staff.  You receive the power of a large billing department even if your practice is small in size. We’re there for you when in-house billers are having a difficult time keeping up.  Claim processing is the life blood of your practice.

2) Apple Billing uses the latest electronic health records web-based practice management software for billing and patient encounters.  Let us handle the upfront costs, servers, ongoing maintenance and training to adopt new systems such as electronic health records.  We provide a seamless single service that offers billing and software with consulting advice.

3) Apple Billing streamlines your billing for a steady cash flow and to improve a work life balance.  Our highly experienced staff with state of the art software ensures every claim is in compliance.  Every claim is examined by staff, software and the clearinghouse against the latest CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS coding procedures.  We verify that every claim is received and accepted within 24 to 48 hours of submittal.

Any billing company can get you 70% of your money.  It takes a great billing company to get you paid ALL of your money.

No startup fees for billing service.


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